We believe

WE BELIEVE IN EVERY WORD WRITTEN IN THE HOLY BIBLE, recognizing them as the truth imparted by the infallible God. We believe that the Holy Bible contains a right and accurate application for every day of the week and every situation we encounter.
We believe in God the Father who loves all people more than anything, and whose love is eternal and exceeds all understanding.
We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whose death pays our sins (transgressions) – those of yesterday, today and tomorrow..
We believe in Jesus Christ who became a full partaker in all human experiences except of sin, and who knows the taste of joy, but also the taste of pain, sadness and rejection.
We believe in the Holy Spirit who is God and our daily Comforter, who gives us clear guidance in life, fills us with His joy, and possesses unlimited, unfailing possibilities of supporting believers in Jesus Christ.
We believe that anyone who sincerely confesses his or her sins and asks God for forgiveness, can start an intimate relationship with Him and have an absolute certainty of his or her salvation and the guarantee of an eternal life after death.
We believe that miracles – e.g. healings – have not passed but still happen today. Many of us have experienced them.
We believe that life of a Christ follower doesn’t have to be dull, full of doubts, fears and limitations. A life with Jesus is full of freedom, hope and a real, supernatural peace of heart.

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