You can't dance tango alone!

Everyone knows that it takes two to tango Similarly, each strong, loving and healthy marriage requires work, effort and full commitment of both husband and wife.

During the Tango Course we won't (yet!) teach you to dance, but together we will improve the technique of steps so that, walking together through life, we won't tread on our toes and enjoy the wonderful marriage we can have. We want to invest in the quality of our marriages, give them the attention and time they need to flourish, give us solid support in life and be a source of satisfaction for us and inspiration for others.

The Marriage Course was developed by Nicky and Sila Lee, co-authors of The Marriage Book and The Parenting Book. They have been married for over forty years, have four children, and are employees of the Holy Trinity Brompton Church -- the London parish where Alpha is derived. In a year several thousand such courses take place in many countries of the world, also in Poland.

For whom:

We'd like to invite all marriages and couples to participate in a cycle of 7 thematic dates, where in an intimate, casual atmosphere spouses or future spouses will be able to frankly talk to each other on key relationship topics, preceded by watching the thematic clip.


Participation in the Tango Course is free of charge, however, the number of participants is limited.

The costs of:
- childcare
- refreshments
- materials
are covered by the DOM church.

If you want t support this initiativeo financially, you can make a donation to the DOM Church bank account (http://koscioldom.pl/hojnosc/hojnosc.php) with the annotation ""tango"" or during the collection at a Sunday service. The approximate cost of a pair's participation in one Tango date is about PLN 50.

What does the meeting look like?

Each date features:
- snacks
- childcare (1.5-10 yrs)
- watching a short thematic clip
- face to face conversation with your partner in an intimate atmosphere
- valuable time building your (future) marriage!


We encourage you to register at https://link.do/tango
Registration is open until October 5, 2019 or until the limit of places is reached. The Organizer will send the confirmation of reservation by email.

Dates, times and topics:

The marriage course consists of a series of 7 dates taking place every month on Sunday between 15-18.

Each meeting is dedicated to a different topic:
13.10.2019 - Strong Foundations
17.11.2019 - The Art of Communication
08.12.2019 - Resolving Conflict
12.01.2020 - The Power of Forgiveness
02.02.2020 - The Impact of Family – Past and Present
01.03.2020 - Good Sex
05.04.2020 - Love in Action

To be announced soon

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