Who we are

We believe that the Holy Bible tells the truth; we believe that its words are not only history but embody power to transform our lives here and now.

We know that God knows us by name, He wants the best for us, He calls us His friends, and He also wants us to call Him “our Father”!

We like talking to Him. He helps us to overcome our weakness and fears.

We can see that He is interested in our joys, dreams, problems, and ambitions. We get to know the God of everyday, not just the God of holidays.

We wake up, we take the subway, we work, we shop, we drink coffee, we sleep. We believe in God.

We created a place where we thank God together - even for small things; a place where we ask for His intervention in our matters, a place where we can learn what God is really like, what kind of character He has, and how to spend every day with Him.

We created a place that is sensitive to people’s needs, where Sunday starts with a breakfast and an aromatic coffee, and ends with a delicious cake.

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