It's great that you've visited our website.
Below you will find a handful of important information about DOM which will help you get to know us better.
We look forward to your visit at Gotarda 16!

About us

o nas

We are a community that reads the Bible—together and individually. We believe in God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We love people. We like to strive for perfection in everything we do.

Visit the ABOUT US and FUNDAMENTY tabs to learn more.

Gotarda 16

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We have the pleasure to invite you to take a virtual visit to our space at Gotarda 16.


How to reach us

wysokie obcasy

By public transport:

136, 138, 504 bus stop Gotarda. 174, 193 bus stop Jadźwingów

By car: there is a car park in Gotarda Street

Entrance: from the patio. DOM windbanners will be visible.



Music and smiling volunteers will greet you outside.

Be sure to drop by for breakfast at 10:30. It's relationship time.

The service lasts 1.5 hours. There is simultaneous English translation available.

There is no specific dress code.

In our bookstore you can find great ideas for valuable gifts.

After the service, stay for a while in our cafe. We really like talking to guests.

Visit also the SUNDAY MEETING tab

For children

kosciol dzieciecy

We run animations for children from September till the end of June.

Learn details: CHILDREN'S CHURCH

Voluntary service


We are all volunteers. We love the taste of sharing our time and talents. We promote active involvement of every DOM member (HOMEmember) in DOM building (HOMEbuilding) (e.g. as part of our cafe, creative / technical / musical / administrative team, etc.) Don't linger! Get involved, even right after your first visit at Gotarda 16.

Home meetings

spotkania domowe

They take place every two weeks. We discuss sermons from the preceding Sunday.

Learn more details: HOME MEETINGS



Usually, the speakers present them in series to thoroughly discuss each topic. Sermons are very practical.

Visit: SERMONS tab



If you plan to visit DOM, write to us in advance! We will definitely answer and we will do everything to make you feel welcome right from the doorstep.

Visit: CONTACT tab