For a house to stand firm, it has to have a strong, firm foundation, because it’s the foundation that makes the base of a building, and guarantees its durability and resistance to storms.

The DOM has been built on a very deepand well thought-out foundation. We believe it makes a stable and strong DOM frame.


A personal and deep relationship with God is the meaning of our existence.

We believe the Holy Bible is a perfect guide book for every area of our lives.

We like to talk to God (to pray) every day.
Ro 1: 17
1 Co 11: 1


We make constant and various investments in our personal and deep relationship with God. To get to know Him is only a beginning of a long journey; the relationship has to grow, and it requires time and discipline. We like our DOM meetings.

We all learn by ourselves, but we also know that our personal experiences with God could inspire others and enrich their lives, so we pass them down. We invest in other people and their faith. We like to drink coffee together.
Heb 10: 24-25


We want to be true DOM members who contribute to building and shaping our DOM. We prefer dedication, commitment (voluntary work) and participation in every DOM initiative over being just an observer or a receiver. We like our weekend DOM clean-up turns of duty.


We build our DOM with tools and forms known to the present-day receiver and used in everyday life. We like facebook.

We build it with a language that is understandable, clear and useful..

We build our DOM with our own generosity and with the best possible resources we can afford. We make every effort that all of our activities – from cleaning-up and preparing food, to Sunday preaching – would be of the best possible quality. Every activity intended for God and inspired by Him requires the best materials.
1 Co 9: 20-23


In an age lacking in unselfish human bonds, we try to strengthen a foundation of strong and lasting relationships. We want to bring answers to the needs of those who struggle with loneliness or rejection. We like picnics by the river.
Joh 13: 34-45

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